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Family icon

Family icons contain images of saints patronizing all family members. And appears on some of the icons on named saints, but patrons family occupations, keepers of souls of the dead ancestors, intercessors of all kinds. Hence another name of these icons – generic icons.

Russian tradition of family icons

Family icons are shrines that have been passed down from generation to generation, linking different family epochs with each other. The tradition of depicting all the patron saints of the family on one icon belongs to the most ancient Christian milestones. The family icon came to us from Byzantium, where originally in mosaics and paintings were imprinted the saints who patronize the spiritual life of the founders and Trustees of the temples.

In Russia, the family icon has gained a special honor. In front of her was praying the whole family, children receive the saints blessing on learning, adults – marriage, service in the army.

By the beginning of the last century in all Russian churches were icons of saints Nicholas of Myra and Alexandra of Rome, patronizing the Imperial couple.

And in the Royal tomb of the Archangel Cathedral in Moscow above each image of the Royal person is an icon of his Saint.

Today, in rare families preserved old family icons depicting the heavenly patrons of the ancestors of the family. But more and more people decide to create new icons. Usually the impetus for such a decision is an important family event that makes you reconsider your views on faith: the birth of a long-awaited, begged from God firstborn, wedding, the accomplishment of some symbolic miracle.

Who is depicted on the family icon?

In addition to the nominal saints, patrons of Providence and family, the family icon also depicts the Savior, the virgin and Child, blessing Christ the Guardian angel in heaven over all saints.

Sometimes in the middle of the composition is the mother of God with the Baby, and places for the patrons of the family are located in the "Windows" to the right and left of it.

Often the icon appears on the eve of the creation of a new family. For example, if the idea of its creation arose before the wedding, you can ask the master to write images of saints who take care of the future husband and wife and their parents.

Where to find a master icon painter of family icons?

Family icons are often bought as a gift for loved ones, for the godson's family, goddaughter or, on the contrary, for godparents. It is important to know exactly about all the family Patrons by name. This will help the Church calendar with a list of memorable dates of saints. If you could not find out the information yourself, consult with a priest in the Orthodox Church.

Family icon-not a talisman or a talisman against various misfortunes. This spiritual Shrine, before which the whole family asks for blessings, parents pray for children, and children for parents, all together remember the souls of their ancestors. The family is a small Church, and the family icon is one of the symbols of the Orthodox family.

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