New products

  • Magic os Oz
    Magic os Oz

    Pavel Govorun from the village of Fedoskino is the author of this...

  • Autumn/Fall

    This box has been painted by established artist Valeriy Kovalyov from...

  • Foggy Morning
    Foggy Morning

  • Eagle Owls
    Eagle Owls

    The well-known Fedoskino artist Alexey Chirkov is the creator of this...

  • Bunnies

    This oval box is a creation of one of the talented Fedoskino artists...

  • Winter Time
    Winter Time

    This very detailed box has been painted by a established Palekh artist,...

  • The Watch Master
    The Watch Master

    Yevgeniy Dokuchaev is one of the best Fedoskino portrait painters.

  • Tale of a little Hump-backed horse
    Tale of a little Hump-backed horse

    Akimova Inna of Palekh is the artist who painted this easily...