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A life-size icon

A growth icon, that is, the height coinciding with the growth of the baby at birth, is usually created on the day of his Baptism. It is very detailed depiction of the Saint, whose name is named after the baby. The icon is placed next to the crib so that the baby can see the image of the patron and "communicate" with him. The Saint not only protects the spiritual health of the child, but also has a beneficial effect on the world in which he lives. And today, many believers say that if there is at least one growth icon in the house, then the family feels harmony and harmony.

Growth icons - history of origin

The tradition of donation of Rostov or dimensional icons is rooted in the origins of Russian Orthodoxy. The oldest growth image of all stored in Russian museums was presented by Ivan the Terrible to his son. For some time, the sacred custom was passed only within the Royal family. Each icon remained close to its owner throughout his life, and after his death found its place on the iconostasis next to the tomb. You can see some of them in the Royal tomb of the Archangel Cathedral in the Kremlin. The growth icons of the sisters of Peter the Great are preserved in the Novodevichy convent, the most famous of them is the "Holy Martyr Sophia".

Over time, the full-length images of the saints began to appear in the huts of the common people. At the time of Peter's reforms, which opened up the features of European life, and in the Soviet period, when religion was denied as such, the tradition of growth icons faded, but was revived again. And today modern masters with new forces comprehend ancient techniques of dimensional images of sacred keepers.

The mystery of the creation of the icon of growth

The creation of a dimensional icon for a real icon painter is a spiritual action, not just physical. Before starting to write the image, the master fasted for a long time. He painted the icon for about 40 days on a lime wooden Board, rarely on a pine or cypress.

The proportions of the wooden base were very strict. In addition to the height match was important and the width of the image, equal to the width of the baby's shoulders. The measurement was usually taken on the 8th day after his birth.

After sanding the Board is impregnated with an organic adhesive. The most stable, not fading for centuries, coloring powders were created from minerals and semiprecious stones. Blue ancient growth icons gave lapis lazuli, greens-malachite, purple depth-hematite. Decorated with an image of interspersed cornelian and rose quartz. The background was made of high-grade gold.

Where can I order a dimensional icon?

Growth icons are always written to order. After the birth of the baby family or godparents turn to the masters, the artist had to create an icon for the Baptism of the baby.

But to find a dimensional icon is never too late. Growth images are created not only for babies but also for adults. It is only important to specify the exact height of the person at birth.

You can order a real growth icon on our website or by calling +7 916 687 67 59 ! Artists with whom we cooperate, write dimensional icons according to the sacred canons, creating truly inspiring images Of heavenly patrons. Finished images are usually placed in carved booths, protecting them from dust and damage.

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